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Other Software files

LiveBible v1.17
LiveBible - Bible study software written in LiveCode. Contains 3 Bibles, 2 Dictionaries, 2 Commentaries, 3 Devotionals, 3 Daily Readings, Bible Charts and other features.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [77.2 MB]
LiveBible v1.19 update
Just copy this the contents of this file over to your existing LiveBible folder and overwrite the older file. If you have not installed LiveBible, then download and install version 1.17 first.
LiveBible 119.zip
Compressed archive in ZIP format [35.4 KB]
Ready Bible 3.26 installer - May 2020
This file contains the program, all standard reference files and a comprehensive Help file.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [15.2 MB]
Ready Bible Study - full Help documentation
For those who want to read details about the program before downloading it. This is the standard CHM help format.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [3.4 MB]
Get Exercise v1.74 executable
used for auto updater and downloads from other freeware sites
Windows program file [3.7 MB]
Latest Get Exercise updater
Download and run if your program is no longer able to auto update.
Windows program file [344.0 KB]
Exercise Change log v1.74
Text document [896 Bytes]
Exercise current version v1.74
Text document [6 Bytes]
Memory Hogs v1.45 executable
used for auto updater and downloads from other freeware sites
Windows program file [697.5 KB]
Latest Memory Hogs updater
Windows program file [370.0 KB]
Change List v1.45
Text document [3.0 KB]
Current Version v1.45
Text document [6 Bytes]
Click Eye Reminder v1.29 executable
Uncompressed file containing main program and web updater.
Click Eye Reminder.exe
Windows program file [641.0 KB]
Constant Info Pro v1.57
Create a file of important messages that continuously update for one or many users on the same network. Just run it to create a sample file in your Documents folder called ConstantInfo.txt. Right-click the tray menu and choose Edit Info File to update the text or Double-click the scrolling window. Enter a text item followed by a Tab then a number from 0 to 5 to denote its urgency. Use the right-click menu to set font size, style and window placement. Filtering by dates, linking to documents or web pages and the ability to display extra text for each item is now included. More information is on its Blog page: http://s355751075.onlinehome.us/category/freeware/constant-info/
Constant Info Pro.zip
Compressed archive in ZIP format [365.0 KB]